Hear what people are saying about us!

"In this day and age it is so hard to find quality meat and dairy that you can trust. Moore Dairy provides us with an abundance of options from local farms at the click of a button. Every Wednesday we are so excited to open our 'milk box' and enjoy the delicious meat, eggs, and milk that we get delivered right to our door.  Delicious, healthy, grassfed meat delivered weekly right to your doorstep while supporting local farms? It does not get any better than this!!!

We love Moore Dairy!"

-Amanda Martini


"Moore Dairy is so fantastic. First of all I have to say thank you for transporting me back to my childhood by delivering farm fresh products to my door! You can't go wrong ordering the freshest products right from local farms nearby. All grass fed meats, fresh baked goods & the ultimate milk with cream on the top!!! Just great. No matter the weather you can count on your milk box being full. Thank you to Patrick and his company for providing us with all the best from our local farms."

-Lynn Bourinaris


"The only thing better than the quality of the products is the incredible service! Support small!! Support local!!!! I feel blessed to live where I do to have such a wonderful service :)"

-Nikki Foy


"We LOVE your service and products! We have never had anything that wasn't fabulous! And the prices can't be beat!! We tell everyone about our "Milkman"!"

-Diane Suter


"The large selection of healthy and natural dairy and other products is superior and reasonably priced.  The delivery service, customer service, and ordering procedures are all excellent.  And I am reminded of priceless memories of a milkman delivering to our door many decades ago."

-David Murray


"I love that my milk is waiting for me--no need to drive and make that trip to the store when we run out.  It fits with my goals of trying to leave a smaller carbon footprint and support local farmers and small businesses."

-Dawn Vandervloed


"What a lifesaver. I have 2 young boys and getting out to go grocery shopping every week is definitely a challenge. I don't know how many times before I started using this great service I've run out of milk. Love it every Friday Morning I wake up to fresh milk. They also have other great products. Totally worth it!!!"

-Debroah Sampson


"I think your business is a "blast from the past" and it’s awesome. Most people can't believe that I actually have a milk box and have fresh milk delivered weekly! That is so nostalgic and so wonderful. I appreciate your honesty and loyalty and I hope your business keeps growing!!! Thank you!"

-Lily Moroses


"We’ve been members of your delivery service nearly since it started. It’s a pleasure to receive great food weekly in a box outside our house. Service with a smile - you’ve got a great company."

-Dick Huey


"We've been having our milk delivered from Moore Dairy and I have to say, so far so good, half and half is very creamy and The OJ is delicious. Just wanted to support a local business that is providing great service."

-Andres Maldonado


“We've gotten milk delivery from Moore Dairy for the past year and a half! They are great!! So wonderful to deal with and the products are Super!!”

-Amy WittRock